fools and bairns should never see half-done work

fools and bairns should never see half-done work
They may mistakenly judge the quality of the finished article from its awkwardness while it is being produced.

1721 J. KELLY Scottish Proverbs 108 Fools should not see half done Work. Many fine Pieces of Work will look..aukward when it is a doing.

1818 SCOTT Letter Dec. (1933) V. 265 ‘Bairns and fools’..according to our old canny proverb should never see half done work.

1913 A. & J. LANG Highways & Byways in Border ix. To the lay eye improvement is yet barely perceptible. ‘Fools and bairns’, however, they tell us, ‘should never see half-done work.’

1934 V. MACCLURE Death on Set ii. He has never really liked anybody seeing the roughs except the technical staff. Said it gave the players ideas they were better without. ‘Fools and children, and unfinished work,’ you know.

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